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Your e-bike range will vary depending on many different conditions, from your battery size to weather. Some of the most common factors include battery size and age, rider’s weight, average biking speed, level of assistance used, hilly terrain, wind, tire pressure, and outside temperature.


If your tires are low, they have more friction with the ground, making it difficult for you and your motor to maintain high speed. If you live in a hilly area, your motor will work harder to help you climb hills. The harder the motor works, the more energy it requires from the battery. Things like head wind and heavy cargo loads also drain the battery faster.

If you want to increase the distance you travel on your e-bike, keep your tires pumped and beware of the assistance levels that you use. If you feel like you have achieved the desired speed, switch to eco mode. Once you feel like you’re slowing down again, turn up the assistance and help your bike accelerate by pedaling. Remember that high assistance levels drain the battery much faster than low and medium ones. Don’t forget to use proper gears according to your speed and terrain. This will play a key role in optimizing the distance of your bike rides.

Our e-bikes batteries take up to 4.5 hours to charge from low. All batteries can be easily removed and transported, so you can take the battery to your office or home to charge, while leaving an e-bike in the garage.

If your battery dies or you turn off your assistance completely, you will be able to pedal and ride your e-bike just like a regular bicycle.

Batteries are built to last and can be recharged 1000 or more times. Even if you’re an avid cyclist, you’d still get several years out of your battery until you have to replace it. Make sure to follow e-bike’s manual instructions for proper attachment and removal of the battery. They can be an expensive replacement if damaged.

If you plan to store your battery for a longer period of time, for example the winter period, it’s better to keep your battery 30-60% charged. Lower temperatures can also drain your battery, so it’s preferable to store it inside.

E-bikes are equipped with motors and batteries, which make them heavier than regular bicycles. On average, an e-bike weighs about 55-60 pounds, whereas a traditional bike’s weight is around 30-35 pounds. Major e-bike drive system companies are trying to solve the challenge of reducing the components’ weight. But unfortunately, the lighter weight versions of the battery and motors will come at a compromise with their power and range.

Taking proper care of your e-bike can prolong its lifespan by many years, so it’s important to remember a few basic methods of maintaining your e-bike.

  1. Pump your tires

    E-bikes are on average heavier than regular bikes, so it’s important to remember to keep your tires inflated. Having inflated tires makes it much easier to pedal and accelerate, helping your motor do its work. Besides, inflated tires lower the risk of getting flats and protect your rims from being damaged, especially if you hit a pothole or a curb. Look at the side of your tire to find the PSI range – the amount of air pressure you should aim for when pumping your tires. We suggest you check your tire pressure regularly, depending on how much you’re riding your e-bike. As a rule, the higher the tire pressure, the more often you have to pump them.

  2. Keep your chain clean and lubed

    A dry chain can quickly grime your gear set so it’s important to keep it lubricated. Plus, chains tend to wear out and stretch overtime. Make sure to change your chain before it’s too worn out to avoid damage to the rest of the drivetrain.

  3. Avoid going over curbs

    Since e-bikes are much heavier than regular bikes, whenever you hit a bump on the road or go over the curb, the bike components receive much more shock. Over time, it can cause damage to your motor and other e-bike parts. Besides, the rim tires are much more likely to bend. If you’re riding on the bumpy road, we encourage you lift up from your seat to minimize the pressure you’re putting on the motor and the rest of your bike. We also encourage

    you to get off your bike when you have to go over the curb. Trust us, it would significantly prolong the life of your e-bike.

  4. Regularly clean your bike

    Dirt and mud can cause damage to your bike’s mechanical and electrical components, so it’s a good practice to clean your bike regularly. Remember to not use water under pressure, as it can penetrate in the internal parts of your e-bike like bearings and motor and cause damage or rusting. Instead, use a damp cloth and a bike-friendly cleaner.

Electric bikes are more complex than regular bikes as they have electric components and wiring. We strongly recommend checking in advance whether the bike shop you’re planning to bring your e-bike to for a tune up has experience with servicing your e-bike brand or type. Sometimes inexperienced mechanics can unintentionally damage internal electric parts that will be hard to repair later. Rising Tide has a team of mechanics who are well equipped to maintain and service all Wolff E-bikes

We recommend setting up regular check-ups and tune-ups with us. We recommend 2 tune-ups per year.

The easiest way to transport an e-bike is by putting it on a rack. Since e-bikes are heavier than regular bikes, they require specific car racks that can handle the weight. They usually come with a two-inch hitch that reduces wobbling. While transporting your e-bike on a rack, it is best to remove your battery to minimize e-bike weight.


Another way of transporting your bike by car would be folding your back seats, taking the front wheel off, and putting it in the back of your car. If you have a bigger car, you do not necessarily need to take the front wheel off as long as the bike fits in the truck without being awkwardly squished. Since e-bikes are equipped with different electrical parts that can be easily damaged when improperly transported, we recommend that you do not have any other objects surrounding the bike.


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